Mi camino positivo

"Mi Camino Positivo" (My positive road), is a book written by Cesarina Benavides. It includes stories and reflections of her life.

My work as an illustrator was to bring to life her stories in a natural way, as if they were entries on her journal.

Illustrations were drawn by hand, with watercolor paints, and then digitalized.

Editorial Design: Ianko Selig Termina tu Libro


Bwear is a beauty and lifestyle brand from the Dominican Republic.

My job was to illustrate the instructions on how to use the product, and they were printed as part of the packaging.

Hostelería News

Edición 60

Hostelería News is a magazine specialized in Tourism and Gastronomy, focused for a Dominican audience.

I had the pleasure of illustrating ilustrar the cover for their 60th Edition, drawing local landmarks, and dominican food plates.

This illustration was made digitally, on my iPad, using the app Procreate.

Editorial Design: Ianko Selig Termina tu Libro

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