Doriana Del Pilar. Dominican artist and illustrator. Children book illustrations. About me drawing.
Hi, I'm Doriana, Illustrator from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I'm an Architect, so art and creativity are really important in my life. I love colors and believe in the powerful tool illustration is to represent what people wants to communicate, in a fun and colorful way. I enjoy using gouache and watercolor, as well as my iPad to create vibrant and bold illustrations. I find inspiration in Caribbean architecture, by everyday life situations, nature, people around me, and Dominican culture.
NEOCATHECUMENAL WAY CROSS. Cruz del camino neocatecumenal
I'm a Christian Catholic. Alongside my family, I'm part of the Neocathecumenal Way, which is a permanent catholic formation course.
I've always loved to draw, and since I was a kid I always carried notebooks, colored pencils and books wherever I went.
books and drawings with crayons sketch
dominican popular architecture. Arquitectura popular dominicana sketch
I'm inspired by Dominican culture and architecture. I've always find Dominican popular houses fascinating and fun, so rich in texture and colors.
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