El beisból es otra cosa (MLB/Las Mayores)

Commissioned work for MLB/Las Mayores for their campaign "El Beisbol es otra cosa".

The idea was to create illustrations inspired in Children Books, to tell the story of Vladimir Guerrero Jr, and how he chose the same path as his dad, narrated by Vladimir Guerrero Sr. himself.

Rough Sketches:

Rough sketches are for presenting the idea, and how many frames would be used. I always include rough colors in the early sketches, so clients can visualize them and make decisions quickly.

Refined sketches

Sketches were refined and changes were made to consider the safe zone for social media videos, and the area for text.

Finished Illustrations

After all refined sketches were approved, I started creating finished illustrations, that were made keeping in mind the different layers that animators wanted to move, so each part was kept on its own layer.

Final Product

Here you can watch the video:

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